Orbit Design System — During my time at Weebly, I was part of a team responsible for architecting, designing and building a company-wide design language system built with Sketch, Abstract and Vue.js

Note: a lot of the details and data of this project is still under NDA, please reach out if you require more information.

My teams challenge was to transform an existing styleguide into a full-fledged design system built atop Vue.js. The system’s objective was to unify all our design efforts into one language and speed up our design and development process.

The solution included not only the design of the system itself, but establishing documentation and processes to ensure the system would increase the transparency and efficiency of all the teams involved 

As a member of both Brand and Product Design team at the time, I was the DRI on designing the primitives base of our Design System. This included a modular typography scale, and an extended color palette

I was also DRI in establish our layout grid system and doing extensive research to figure out the best breakpoints for global usage in our apps

This work isn't public yet, so if you'd like to see code snippets, more about the versioning system we built with Abstract, please reach out.