Pour App — Designing an app that collects coffee recipes and helps you brew coffee at home. Full-stack design role: from branding to information architecture and development.

Working together with a friend, we decided to self-initiate a project to build an app that collects the best coffee brewing recipes in the world and allows you to easily try them at home

We wanted the information architecture to be pretty simple with a focus on the recipes. Once we did that we moved onto lo-fi wireframes to get a sense of how we wanted each of these areas to work

From there we started to work on the inner workings of the app, especially the recipe views and the brewing guides themselves

We tested a lo-fi mock with our friends to make sure they could use and navigate the app. We even dared them to brew a speciality coffee cup using the app! 

Once that was done we began to explore the visual side of things, building a brand and exploring how we could style the components before moving into high fidelity

We landed on a very quirky feel, with distinct colors that can make the brand memorable and unique. Here is the final result combining the product design process with the branding process