Jobs, Interests, Missions

August 7, 2018

The first task you get as an adult is finding a job. Jobs are a relatively new concept. They the sense of identity. At their best jobs describe what you do, missions describe why you do them. Most people can describe what they do well. Few can describe why they do it.

When people ask you what you do, you probably answer with your job title. The person is supposed to


A better framework for looking would be to replace them with a combination of interest and missions. Missions point outside. I help people and companies convey messages  using my visual communication skills.


Interests require a level of self-knowledge and introspection. The was is that Jobs can help you fin. Interests are personal, question, calling


If we start. We will define our own goals by how we can serve others. Missions offer the benefit of. Missions also allow for planning.Missions can be more or less ambitious. The biggest problem with is that most are structured around jobs. If you study you are told you are suited for specific jobs. Find what you are interested in. Make sure you see if you really like doing it. Join a mission.

Most people who accomplished anything significant.


Here is a business idea: build an inventory of problems society is facing and attach companies that are trying to solve this problems. As a bonus you can add skills and interests explored in these companies.

The idea is to focus less on jobs. This would make it easier for people to

Sometimes you will come empty handed in your search. Maybe your particular understanding of the problem. Or maybe your skill is better than the skills currently applied. That’s the best signal you’ll get that there is an opportunity to build something.

Interests and graduate to missions when . Don’t ask them for their job, ask them what interesting questions. Ask them about their mission.


Thanks to Jennifer Emick, Rebecca Maia, Isabella Jarocki, and Nico Sanchez for reading early drafts of this essay.